About us

MASPRINT is a phenomenal Brand that starts with a unique idea to create one-of-a-kind designed products including men’s custom tees, women’s custom tees, custom graphic printed t-shirts and sublimation products.

Our company creates every new design for t-shirts and personal items that you can think of. Masprint is much more than the name of different company. We are an exclusive, unique Brand. We create phenomenal original artwork and convey a progressive and constructive message to the universe on our men’s and women’s tees and other products. We also allow our customers to create their own custom designs on their purchases. We are an expression of the seller and the consumer in the custom t-shirt industry.

Masprint provides the highest-quality standard; the cutting edge that defines you among the rest. It is called the MASPRINT WAY. We at Masprint wholeheartedly devote ourselves to our mission; to rise and stand out above the rest. We continue to create and perfect our products. Masprint unique designs welcomes both wholesale and retail buyers.

Masprint products are based on message, style, fashion, quality, and creativity for men, women and children. Our apparel products are very trendy and are worn over and over again and are made from the highest quality 100% cotton. Masprint Brand is different: that’s the reason why we are Number 1.

Since january 29, 1994 masprint inc has offered custom designs, first class screen printing, high quality heat transfer and a full line of sublimation products to the buying public. over the years masprint has built a one of a kind reputation and relationship with the buying public throughout. we service an do business with millions of great customers. masprint inc is proud of the accomplishments of the great staff and management team that have made up this great company. we are particularly proud of the fact we possess a dedicated management team that demonstrates honesty, integrity and professionalism in all aspects of operations. the company is also particularly proud of the fact that all of our associates are carefully prescreened to ensure the highest standard of quality and we consistently strive to provided a superior level of service designed to exceed the expectations of our clients.